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Most internet service providers require a minimum of 90 days to install service in a specific location, and after that window passes, one of two things happen; the price goes up, or they simply won’t be able to meet the deadline. We have developed solid relationships with the top ISP’s around the country, and the sooner we call them for bandwidth, the better price we can get for you.

We work with virtually all of the vendors that might need connectivity at your event; POS, RFID, ticketing, etc. Bottom line, we know the industry and people extremely well, and we know what is required to make IT happen.

Make sure that internet and Wi-Fi have a line item on your event’s budget. We can quickly turnaround a ballpark cost that you can add in now. Don’t be caught off-guard having to explain why there is no budget for internet a couple of weeks prior to your event. A 30-minute call NOW with one of our team members will save you valuable time and money!

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We can save you money on your 2019 event!

It’s a proven fact that waiting to talk about Event Internet and Wi-Fi will cost you money, especially when it comes to bandwidth. With the new year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to start planning.

Evolution of Event Internet & Wi-Fi